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Updating samples

Thank you for watching my product.

Now I'm updating sample project. Currently The new project wizard contains the apache Derby database , but sometimes it doesn't work correctly, because the version is low or my handling it is wrong.

So once I remove it and after checking it, reorganize the Derby support. I think if it work fine, it is good database for simple applications.
It is because if we can use it, we can work the Alinous-Core sample without database install.

I hope everyone install PostgreSQL. It is easy to install and use.

After I update the samples of Alinous-COre, I'll report it in this support blog. Then please update Alinous-Core plugin from eclipse.

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Tomohiro Iizuka is CEO of company which is publisher of third-party logistics and e-commerce software in Japan. And my speciality is making programming language and development environment. Actually developed Alinous-Core programming language and development tool working on eclipse plugin. By making computer language, I succeeded in providing enterprise application rapidly to Japanese customers.