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Updated Server install information and Error handling document

Today, I updated 2 pages.

We have almost finished to translate my programming language's website. But a lot of functions are added in this 7 years. So there are a little shortage about detail and necessary information to make operations easy.

About server install, I added 2 pictures.


set ALINOUS_HOME by script
On using tomcat, we can set the environment variables by making "setenv.sh".
It is easy to install it.

About error handling

The Alinous-Core programming language has error handling function.

This is necessary for back ground process which runs in the server side. If error occurs and leave the exception thrown, it will stop.

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Tomohiro Iizuka is CEO of company which is publisher of third-party logistics and e-commerce software in Japan. And my speciality is making programming language and development environment. Actually developed Alinous-Core programming language and development tool working on eclipse plugin. By making computer language, I succeeded in providing enterprise application rapidly to Japanese customers.